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Since some people really wanna play with these characters, I'm just gonna fill these up for myself since I need to characterize these guys and I wanna make sure all this makes sense aahhh

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I've been thinking about changing the beginning. Actually, I'm going to change a lot. I'll summarize the old story and talk about the changes I'll be adding to it, and I'd like any suggestions in regards to improving it further or leaving things as is.

Old Story:

- Jonah sees asteroid while Willie's visiting
- He assumes the world is gonna end because he's a dumbass
- He emails nasa. (alternative is that he sleeps on the idea and asks his dad about it in the morning, which leads to a game over)
- Nasa demands certain items, and Jonah ditches school the next morning to get them. (alt. is that he asks his dad to get the things and GWL tells Jonah its impossible = game over)
- The items are donuts, nude mags, and vicodin
- Jonah gets the donuts after getting Lois a bearded dragon (any other pet won't change the course of the story until you get the dragon)
- Jonah gets the nude mags after giving Nemo a clone of himself for a son (alt. is just not getting the mags, but no game over, just an alternate ending)
- Jonah talks to the pharmacist (Dr. Pi) to get the vicodin. After getting her a date, she doesn't budge, so Jonah talks to Missy about stealing some for him.
- Jonah sends the package to the PO BOX
- Jonah waits a week, never gets a response, and asks GWL about the asteroid
- GWL clears it up and says it wasn't a fucking asteroid, it was just a stupid satellite you idiot
- Jonah writes an angry letter to "nasa" and demands his shit back
- "Nasa writes back saying he's not dead because the stuff saved the world
- Jonah is gullible and feels like he actually fucking saved the world
- GWL tries to correct him but Jonah doesn't curr

- Alternate ending is that because there are no nude mags, the "nasa" representative (Bri) shows up to Jonah's house asking for them.
- Jonah believes she's actually a representative and gives Bri his laptop as an alternative.
- Bri just takes it and congratulates Jonah in saving the world the end.

The ending is kiiiiinda rusty so I wanted to change it since forever. These are the new changes I wanna add.
- Jonah, Willie, and Lia are at the observatory.
- Lia recently learned about a neutron star and tells Jonah about the characteristics of one (blue light, can only be seen in a telescope, etc)
- She tricks Jonah to believe that Neptune is actually a neutron star, and that its rays could destroy the earth. She offers to write a letter to NASA and Jonah lets her.
- Next day she visits Jonah with instructions from NASA. Basically NASA has demands: donuts, mags, and vicodin (the list might change idk).
- Basically the story of how Jonah gets these things will be the same, but Lia will serve as someone Jonah communicates to to get information from him instead of him just thinking out loud (like Maya Fey in Ace Attorney).
- In the end, it's revealed the demands were actually from Lia's mother (Celena), and Lia added the donuts herself because she was hungry. Her excuse is that she's poorer than Jonah (which is true) and used her own knowledge of space against his curiosity for it.
- Lia's basically the one who starts everything and ends it.
- I literally just learned about neutron stars today so idk if anything is right or wrong, but Lia would omit the parts about the radiations reaching earth almost a century before it's completely destroyed.

Sooo? Tell me what you think?
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only adding people i know
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Okay gonna make a list because the past few years I didn't really know what I wanted. Fortunately I learned my lesson and stopped buying whatever I wanted to make it easier for my family to get me presents. So here's the list:

$20 gift card (anything really)
Pokemon white 2
button supplies
Tales of Xillia
money for trigger happy havoc except I'm sure my brother's gonna eventually buy it for himself
A chespin plush
Alpacas plushes for my growing collection
One of those things that holds your cellphone in your car's dash.
A wireless bluetooth speaker

uhhh if I think of something or become disinterested on certain things I'll come back and change this post. If it's November, don't buy anything yet.
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Although things ended up going my way for once, I still feel stressed about the current situation I got myself in now. I really don't want to be that person, but for the sake of my sanity I know I need to move forward and do it. I just hope it doesn't bite me in the ass and make things worse, because that's actually what kept me from doing what I needed to do for years.

I guess I'm just scared because I don't know what to expect now. I hope this whole thing is a lot easier than I think it will be. I still can't forgive my mom, and I have a feeling she'll make the situation worse if she can't be honest.

I still want to move out, but I need to have a stable job. If there wasn't so much fucking paperwork for every single fucking thing ever in preschool, I think I'd enjoy the job a lot better tbh because the kids are fun, it's literally the mass amounts of paperwork that goes on behind the scenes that makes me get why teachers deserve a bigger paycheck since it's much more work to do outside of the workplace that doesn't get counted but is necessary to keep the state happy.

I just wanna paint for a living and not work for anybody but myself.
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I just found out of even more horrible shit this guy's done

and then he ran off with my mom's car and my mom doesn't care because she's so fucking in love with him that she's LETTING HIM STEAL HER FUCKING CAR

I give up, I'm leaving
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As much as I'm like pissed the fuck off I will defeat this negativity and look at the positives of today.

Like finishing my paper!! And being out of the house the entire day tomorrow and eating pizza with my classmates!!

And giving Jenni more tea!!


Let's listen to some chill music!
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I remembered last night's dream being about being stuck in this house. There was no way to escape and I was trapped there with two other people, and Jonah. And Jonah kept throwing tantrums and cried a lot. Then I realized I was allowed to leave the house if I'm going to my class, so when I was driving to school I decided... not to. And then I became aware that I was dreaming and woke up ;~;

At one point though, Walt Disney came into the house and offered free Disney tattoos.
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Another dream but it was just very bizarre.

So I replied to this Craigslist ad to see this really nice painting (I forgot how it looked but it was nice), and went to go see it. But I really don't know what came over me when I stole it from their house. I put the painting in my car and ollied out of there, and ended up at some castle.

Where this witch lived.

And she held like all these other people captive. And for entertainment she wanted us to kill each other for her entertainment. Last person left standing would be released. But luckily nobody wanted to kill each other. Unfortunately, a girl who wanted to start an uprise got killed on the dot as an example.

Then I woke up, but I woke up alongside the other people that were in my dream, and we were like "wow that was a neat dream, wouldn't you agree?" "yes great dream 10/10 would dream again"

And then I woke up for real like "wait that's not what actually happens after waking up".
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Omg I had a nightmare.

I dreamt that Komaeda was my "bestie" but tried to kill me, and when I went to Meaka for help she said she woulnd't because she hated Dante and hates that she has to play Nemo all the time so she killed Nemo and left.

And to finish it off, Komaeda spoiled the entirety of SDR2 for me before he poisoned me.
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I had a dream I was in middle school and flipped out over having to take 6 classes a day with only 1 lunch break and having to go every single day, just

How the fuck did I manage before because that's torturous for me now aaaaaaa

also Meaka you were there.
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I had a dream that a cat was trying to kill me, all assassin's creed style.
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That awkward moment when everybody in the SnK fandom is sobbing their eyes out and I'm sitting here thinking this episode was just incredibly boring.
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"Big Brother is not always watching you"
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This morning I had a dream I went to some famous city, but idk which one. I do know there were a shitload of beaches.

Throughout it I ate a lot of pizza. And at one point, we were at the Montel Williams show, and I took a selfie. Then we bought this game about Ke$ha singing, then it becomes a murder mystery thing. It was a really good game? Idk, it was also weird 'cause shit that happened in the game happened in the hotel we were staying in. At one point, Neil Patrick Harris was there and he died the same way this dude died in the game, but before he died he told really lame jokes. There was also this old guy who ran a bar who could poof into the pelican from finding nemo. Meaka, Papi, Greece, and Assby was there too. And Greece was addicted to chocolate chai tea.

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Reason #4093850498038349 I need to leave this house:

Say I hate "Blurred Lines" because it's sexist as hell. Brother says "No you're just being too feminist" then proceeds to mock me for hating it, then blasts music and screams the lyrics at me. Who gets in trouble? Me, because my mom defines me as "the biggest killjoy" in the house, then tells me that even if the song was about rape, that I should like it anyway because it's catchy.

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I always said I should update this more... so here I am doing it.

I'll leave this public for a while at least. See where this goes.

Damn my reading list is just fandomsecrets /cuts that off

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